Revelando o novo programa de prêmios da American Express: Um guia para maximizar seus benefícios


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As American Express unfolds its brand new rewards program, there’s a lot in store for consumers. In this article, we dissect the novel initiative, helping you harness the most out of it.

Understanding the New American Express Rewards Program

An infographic explaining the layout of the new American Express Rewards Program.

American Express revamped rewards for more value, flexibility, exclusive experience. Points, redemption changed, more partner perks. Boosted benefits when using card, greater flexibility redeeming rewards, access to partner deals.

Maximizing Earnings with Your American Express Card

A graphic showing how to maximize earnings with your American Express Card.

The enhanced rewards program offers higher earning rates—more points per dollar spent. Additionally, it introduces various categories for quicker point accumulation, allowing you to amass rewards swiftly and enjoy greater benefits across different spending categories.

Redeeming American Express Reward Points for Maximum Value

An illustration showing various ways to redeem American Express Reward points.

Redeeming rewards is now easier, allowing you to exchange points for a wider array of appealing perks. Additionally, the ‘points for purchases’ feature lets you directly use your points to buy goods and services, giving you greater flexibility in enjoying the benefits of your earned points.

Exclusive Deals with the American Express Rewards Program

The new program brings exclusive offers from partners, enhancing your rewards with unique discounts across industries.

Understanding the program’s details is key to fully benefit. Embrace the upgrade for an enriched loyalty rewards experience and seize the chance to enjoy enhanced advantages.

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