Education loan payment extension


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Education loan payment extension

Alright, let’s talk about loan forbearance – your ticket to a temporary breather from those loan payments. Here’s the lowdown:

What’s Loan Forbearance? Loan forbearance is like hitting pause on your loan repayment marathon. It’s a way to catch your breath by extending the time you have to pay back your loan. You might get to lower your payments or even take a break from them. Sounds good, right?

Interest on the Scene: Hold up, though. While you’re taking that timeout, interest isn’t napping. It’s still there, hanging out and piling up on all types of federal student loans. So, be ready for that part.

Two Types of Forbearance: There are two flavors in the forbearance world – mandatory and discretionary. Mandatory forbearance is like the automatic VIP pass. If you meet certain conditions, like rocking a medical or dental internship, or doing some national service gig, you get it without asking. Discretionary forbearance, on the other hand, depends on your loan servicer’s nod and your unique situation.

Getting the Breather: So, how do you hit that pause button? Just chat up your loan servicer. They’re the ones with the keys to the forbearance kingdom. You’ll need to show some paperwork that backs up your story, though.

The Catch: Now, here’s the scoop – while forbearance gives you a timeout from payments, it’s like a double-edged sword. The interest that’s having a party during this timeout? Yeah, it’s not gonna disappear. It’s joining the loan party, adding to your total repayment amount. So, remember, you might pay more in the long run.

Consider Your Options: If the loan payment blues hit you hard, don’t forget there are other moves to make. Think about shaking hands with an income-driven repayment plan or giving your loans a group hug with consolidation. These could be better options before you wave the forbearance flag.

And there you have it, the scoop on loan forbearance. It’s like a short break for your loan, but remember, it’s not a free ticket – interest is still lurking around. So, before you dive in, consider all the moves on the board.