WooshPay fait ses débuts à la "2nd Global Digital Trade Expo" (exposition mondiale sur le commerce numérique)


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The cross-border trading solution provider Chinese cross-border trading solution provider, WooshPay, was honored to be invited to participate in the “2023 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo” and showcased its achievements in empowering cross-border payments through artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.


The “2023 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo” is a significant event in the global digital trade sector, aimed at promoting the development and collaboration of global digital trade. The expo brought together companies, professionals, and government institutions from around the world to discuss the latest trends and future directions of digital trade. WooshPay, recognized as a standout enterprise facilitating international business ventures, received attention for its one-stop cross-border transaction solutions and services.


WooshPay’s showcased one-stop cross-border transaction solutions at the expo covered various aspects, including intelligent liquidity operation, risk management, and cross-border data compliance, providing a holistic cross-border service for enterprises venturing abroad.

Utilizing blockchain technology for cross-border remittance, WooshPay effectively reduces trust risks. The application of blockchain in cross-border payments enables direct data interaction between transacting parties, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Adopting blockchain technology can facilitate the transfer of ownership in cross-border payments, thereby enhancing the efficiency of cross-border payment transactions.


Over the five-day exhibition, representatives from WooshPay engaged in in-depth discussions with industry peers from around the world, not only strengthening partnerships but also creating opportunities for the company to explore new markets and customers. During the expo, WooshPay collected valuable customer feedback, contributing to the optimization of future products and service enhancements. Additionally, the company’s participation provided an opportunity to benchmark against competitors, allowing them to directly understand the latest trends and technological developments in the industry. The company’s leadership expressed confidence that this exhibition experience would greatly promote WooshPay’s business development strategy, especially in enhancing the company’s competitiveness in the global market.

What’s more

WooshPay is a financial infrastructure platform catering to businesses. Our core objective is to seamlessly connect and facilitate transactions between enterprises and consumers through features such as payment processing, online payments, and checkout. Our mission is to leverage technological advancements to enhance the transaction processes for both merchants and users.

Founded two years ago, WooshPay has been honored with the “2023 UK FinTech Award”.

Our founding team comprises professionals from top techno companies who previously led the development of a payment system with instantaneous access for 190 million users. This team also includes members from Zhejiang University’s AI doctoral program and a global team led by an ex regional director from Standard Chartered Bank.

To date, WooshPay has established deep partnerships with renowned companies such as Xiaomi, a tech giant; Tuya Smart, a NYSE-listed IoT technology company; The ROYAL MARSDEN, Europe’s largest comprehensive cancer center; International House, a leading international education institution; PatPat, a global leader in mother and baby brands; Fordeal, the number one cross-border e-commerce platform in the Middle East; and Starmaker, a technology-driven media company.