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A complete payment platform built for global educational institutions

One-stop, accept global payments
One-click, create invoices
One-stop, distribute educational funds globally
One-step, integrate payments
One-dashboard, manage all information
One-post, distribute to multiple social media channels

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Why WooshPay?

cross border real time payments

Accept global payments via our global network

cross-border payments platform

All popular payment methods supported and over 100 currencies accepted

cross-border payment

One click to create invoices, save time and get paid faster

manage  payments place

One dashboard, manage your payments in one place

cross border payments swift

Automated reconciliation and reports

cross border payment systems

Easy Refund Solution

cross border payment services

Global payouts, easy to pay tutors and partners around the world

cross-border payments

One step to integrate your systems

cross-border payments

Marketing tool, reach out to more students

Global network

One stop to accept global payments

Collect payments from students from more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Work with local high street banks and build a trusted global network. Offer multiple local payment methods to improve conversion rates and create a better experiences for your students.

global payments

Available Countries & Payment Methods

Available Countries Payment Methods

Save time and get paid faster

One click to create invoices

The WooshPay global invoicing tool saves you time and results in faster payment. Create an invoice and send it to your students in minutes—no code required. Our advanced features and Invoicing API make it easy to automate accounts receivable, collect payments, and reconcile transactions.

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Mobile friendly

WooshPay’s online invoices are optimized across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Easy to get started

No code Required. You can generate and send invoices in minutes.

Scale with APIs

Our APIs help automate your invoicing workflows and accounts receivable processes.

Simplify operations

Manage invoices and view detailed reports directly from the Dashboard.

All in one

All in one dashboard

View real-time payment insights, manage your global payments in one place with excellent customer oversight.

The dashboard is an information hub that tracks, analyzes and displays key indicators of payments statistics. The Dashboard helps you deal more efficiently with payment reconciliation, refunds and global payouts. It can be customised to meet the specific needs of merchants.

Automated reconciliation and reports

You can manage your educational payments process through a single, powerful dashboard. View transactions, reconcile payments, build customised reports and more.

payment Overview

Pay partners all over the world

Pay your tutors and partners around the world in their desired currency.

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Easy Refund Solution

cross-border payments

Back to original account

The student is refunded in the same currency and to the same payment account

cross-border payments

Partial Refund

Supports partial refunds

cross-border payments

Refund Traceable

Refund progress can be checked and tracked

Streamline and efficient

One step to integrate your system

Integrate your system

WooshPay is committed to helping educational institutions provide better student and staff experiences by partnering with leading education associations, ERP and CRM companies to simplify the payment process.

cross border interbank payment system
cross-border payments

Simple integration

Once your platform integrates to WooshPay with the API solution, there is no costly development for your organization. You will have a built-in education payment solution with fast, easy onboarding for your students and staff.

cross-border payments

Open to other payment providers

If you have existing payment providers, WooshPay is able to open its reconciliation system to other providers and lets you to do all your reconciliation in one place.

Boost your marketing

Reach out to more students

WhooshPay’s one stop marketing channel integrates multiple social media platforms through an API helping promote your brand and value to students and their parents in the Asia market.

Connect to more students countries

different countries

What experts say

Mr. Steve Brent

Steve Brent, CEO, SBAssociates and former CEO of International House London, believes that WooshPay is a bridge between China and the UK, and by partnering with local e-wallet providers and other APMs, it provides international students with more familiar payment methods, improving their payment experience.

cross border payments market

Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang is a tenured professor at Kean University in the United States. He has taught in the United States for 30 years. He believes that WooshPay provides a safe, convenient and affordable payment experience for international students. Frank Zhang hoped that students would use WooshPay to pay tuition and accommodation fees when they first study abroad.

cross border payments market


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